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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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abc is the place to be on oscar night, sunday at 7:00 eastern @ @ breaking news. @a driver slammed into an akron @police cruiser. @two officers rushed to the @hospital. @at 4:30 the search for the hit @and run driver. @>> a winter weather alert. @a wintry mix covering northeast @ohio. @it could be a messy morning @commute. @our team of storm trackers are @west and south checking the @road conditions for you. @kristin byrne is keeping up @with the backups. @>> somara theodore is tracking @the storm. @>> i have to let you know that @we have a few counties under a @winter weather advisory
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@lake county and geauga and @ashtabula are under a winter @weather advisory. @if you notice the green parts, @those are rivers. @we are under a flood warning @for the rivers. @this is what we are waking up @to. @notice how the bulk of the snow @is in huron county. @the darker shades signifying @the heavier snow. @that will continue to move in @and we will see the snow going @through northeast ohio @throughout the morning. @here it is back here on its @way. @let's push forward so you can @see how it happens. @as we head throughout the day, @we will see this heavier band @of snow moving through. @we will keep monitoring this. @let's get a look on the roads. @john, i know things haven't @revved up yet. @>> we are on 90 westbound in @storm tracker 5. things are @calm in terms of weather and @traffic. @not a lot of precipitation @falling from the sky.
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@if you are heading out for an @early morning commute things @are clear. @we will keep an eye on this as @it evolves throughout the @morning. @taking a look at the @temperature, 34 degrees. @roads look like they may be @wet. @there may be icy spots, @particularly on bridges and @roadways. @things are looking good out @here in storm tracker 5 on the @west side. @we have an eye on things on the @south side of town. @how is it liking. @>> a-okay this morning. @we are in 71 south still in the @cleveland area. @we will travel on these roads. @you can see wet conditions from @yesterday, all the rain that we @saw throughout the morning and @the afternoon. @definitely kind of a wet start. @no moisture on the windshield @but that advertise expected to @pick up as the temperatures
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@>> thanks, janessa. @the roads, slick spots, but i @will keep a close eye on 90, 71 @and 77 considering that is @where the weather is. @the white indicates snow. @look at 76 and 77 in akron, you @are checking in fine. @71 the metro curve spot not a @problem. @we are moving atop speeds. @it's early yet. @things could change when we @reach the rush hour. @let's head to the odot cameras, @live look at 71. @it's quiet and calm. @over toy. @>> kristin, thank you. @ not only are we dealing @with the weather issues but we @are affected by the severe @weather in the midwest. @looking at the misery map, @there are flight delays and @cancellations across the @country today. @this includes seven canceled @flights at cleveland hopkins. @all flights at akron-canton on @schedule. @check with your airlines if you @have travel plans today.
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@a van slams into an akron @police cruiser sending two @overnight. @>> that driver then took off, @nick foley in akron. @last night. @the two officers involved in @the crash were taken to the @hospital and have been released @this morning. @that is hard to imagine when @you look at the destruction @left behind. @this is the police s.u.v. @accident. @destroyed. @the front tire gone and ripped @off the axle. @the search for the driver that @plowed into the cruiser @continues this morning. @this took place after the @officers were responding to a @call of a fight in progress. @police tell us the officers @were traveling south on south @arlington heading to the call @when a driver in a van pulled @struck the police s.u.v. @as you can see by our video,
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@collision with airbags @deploying in the police unit. @the officers in the s.u.v. @were slacken up. @investigators tell us other @officers responded including a @canine. @the driver of the van turned @out to be stolen was not found @and the search continues. @the investigation into this @tint continues this morning. @as we told you earlier, the @officers involved in the crash @are expected to be okay. @reporting from akron, nick @foley for news channel 5. back @to you. @ breaking overnight from the @live desk a 16-year-old is in @custody after police say he @shot at the 4th district @station in cleveland. @this is video of the scene. @the boy, apparently shot @himself in the leg trying to @run away. @he was taken to the hospital. @you are looking at video of the @police station on kinsman. @the teenager fired multiple @shots at the building. @two officers were outside in a @zone car at the time. @they heard and saw the shots @and ran after him. @the officials say the officers
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@ right now a manhunt is @underway for a robbery suspect @on the run since monday. @this is new video showing how @21-year-old javon smith @escaped. @you can see police searching @him while he is being booked. @then smith waits while the @officer istracked on the phone, @takes off his shoes and sneaks @out the backdoor. @ three men arrested for @beating a man to death have @been charged. @cleveland. @police say done theses -- @dontez curly was attacked. @andrew hilton, everett gun and @another are charged with @aggravated murder. @ bernie sanders making his @third campaign stop in @northeast ohio. @>> he is speaking at baldwin- @wallace university. @as he climbs in the polls, his @crowds do, too.
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@people showed up. @>> sanders is getting similar @enthusiasm at baldwin-wallace. @the gym holds 7,000 people max. @doors open in a few hours. @he will discuss campaign @finance and the cost of higher @education. @the visit comes as the @university releases a poll @showing sanders and hillary @clinton in a dead heat among @ohio voters. @the primary is march 15th. @sanders visits ohio, michigan @and illinois, clinton has @multiple campaign events in @south carolina. @the democratic primary in that @state is saturday followed by @super tuesday. @clinton picked up a major @endorsement with harry reid @calling on them to back her. @we have a link to sign up on @our newsnet5 app.
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@ the city that may let @heroin addicts and the reason @why. @>> storm trackers are hitting @the roads. @you will know what to expect @when you drive into school or @work. @>> still quiet. @a few flurries to the west. @things will pick up throughout @the morning hours. @we will take a look at the
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@ @ good morning. @welcome back. @we are monitoring this weather @system that brought us rain @yesterday changing to snow this @morning as it continues. @this is the futurecast. @the models are running a little @faster than the system is @moving.
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@where we will see the bulk of @the storm. @this is where we expect the @majority of the snow band to @start around 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. @we will see it move in from the @lake shore. @it will push farther south. @areas like medina up through @geauga receiving the most of @the snow in terms of the @accumulation, 1 to 4 inches @throughout the entirety of your @day. @that is a look at your power of @5 forecast. @back to you. @>> thank you. @ let's get to news around @ohio. @a new proposal could help @pregnant women battling drug @addiction get treatment. @the ohio house just approved @the bill. @the bill goes to the senate for @consideration. @ state lawmakers are @considering a bill to fight the @hero up epidemic. @it would lower the amount of @drug needed to trigger the @maximum penalty which includes
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@ohio public defender's office @opposing the bill. @ a city in new york is @taking a different approach. @ithaca could be the first to @let heroin addicts use the drug @under nurse supervision. @this is the mayor's idea. @he wants a 24-hour crisis @center in the city. @ up next, free flight. @jetblue offering 150 strange @tears free tickets. @there is a huge catch. @>> you want to hear what that @is. @ our team is working to get
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. @ @ welcome back. @china stocks plunging 6%, the
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@the drop comes amid fears about @the health of china's economy @as global leaders get ready to @meet in shanghai. @in the u.s. stocks rose driven @by higher oil prices but crude @oil fell .6% in early asian @trades. @jackie and terrence. @ new information on the @water crisis in flint, @michigan. @the city could be on the @receiving end of $100 million. @>> the money would help replace @aging waterlines. @the federal funding would be @offered as subsidized loans or @grants to flint between now and @october of 2017. @ a busy day ahead for bernie @sanders. @he is in cleveland then his web @site says he is heading to @flint. @he will speak oath an event @highlighting the lead crisis. @hillary clinton addresses the @situation in a new ad narrated @by morgan freeman.
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@threatening a subpoena to get @personal e-mails that clinton @and her top aides withheld. @ on the republican side, @they are getting ready for @another debate tonight at the @university of houston. @it's the last one before super @tuesday. @>> that is when many states go @to the polls. @marco rubio is campaigning in @texas. @ted cruz and john kasich @continue to answer questions on @if and when they should exit @the race. @>> the momentum for donald @trump continues to grow. @he turned out a record turnout. @more than 75,000 1r0e9ers @attended the caucuses. @that is more than twice the @number of people that voted in @2012. @many first time caucusgoers @supported the campaign. @senator rubio finished in @second followed by senator @cruz. @ now to severe weather @across the south. @you can see the tree over my
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@>> right now virginia is under @a state of emergency after the @deadly storms. @so far seven people died @including a 2-year-old child. @the other seven were found @hundreds of yards way from @their mobile home. @ a little closer to home, @take a look tornado caught on tape on @facebook. @you can see it circled in red. @it happened in north carolina, @henderson, in the northern part @of the state. @there were 22 warnings alone @for the durham area. @>> two tornadoes through @southwest florida. @this is in charlotte county, @ford meyers. @no one was hurt but dozens of @homes were torn apart. @thousands don't have power this @morning. @to the west, the national @weather service in chicago @issued a blizzard and storm @warning. @they are calling for a foot of @heavy, blowing snow in the @windy city. @lots of flights have been @canceled. @we are taking a live look @outside.
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@on i-90. @they passed through avon. @you can see wet roads in front @of them. @>> things could get worse as @the day goes on. @what are we expecting. @>> we are waiting for the @temperatures to drop in order @for that rain that they are @seeing on the roads to turn to @snow. @it's a little warm and a high @of 35 for today. @here is a look at the system. @we have the area of low @pressure plaguing the south @moving to the midwest and now @up to the northeast. @on the tail end that energy is @enough to bring snow bands our @way as we head through @thursday. @let's get to it. @if you live in choi choi @county, lake, geauga or @ashtabula, you are under a @winter advisory. @a few reasons it was issued, @because winds will be gusting @to 35 miles per hour. @that and the snow accumulation @could prove not so good on the @roads. @also, as you see right here, we @have the heavier snow in huron @county as well as northern @parts of richland and ashland.
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@wooster. @so, we are waiting on this snow @up here to arrive. @it's taking its time. @it's on its way. @futurecast backing me up. @temperatures drop, you can see @it's easier and easier for the @rain to turn to snow. @notice where the heavier band @is in medina, gee gag county. @you guys get ready for the @heavier snow. @it will stick around until @6:00, 7:00 p.m. @we are expecting accumulations @between 1 to 3 inches. @in the snow belt it could @increase 2 to 5. temperatures @are steady around the high this @morning. @we will follow through the day @into the 20s. @hang tight, we are heading to @the mid-50s by this weekend. @jon? @>> thanks, somara.
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@if there is precipitation, it's @in a light mist. @we did see snow on cars on a @couple of car dealerships we @passed on 90 but clear on the @highway. @we have seen road crews @treating the roads. @it's windy. @we are feig wind blowing the @car around. @in terms of road conditions, @primarily wet. @temperature-wise 33 degrees. @hovering around freezing. @this could change as you @mentioned into snow and what is @on the road could also possibly @freeze over and make problems @for the morning commute. @kristin, how is it looking @traffic-wise? @ it's important everybody @take it slow because of the @slick conditions. @not bad out there. @71 showing no backups as we @zoom into the city. @3-d city zoom into cleveland, @71 northbound from fulton to
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@heading outside, 480 and @warrensville center road @traffic is starting to build. @that his the big concern. @ an airline is inspiring a @lot of people. @jetblue using passengers in a @social experiment. @>> they wanted to know if they @could get everyone to agree on @a topic unlike what happens in @washington, d.c. and congress. @this is called reach across the @aisle. @all passengers would receive @free round-trip flights but @only if they could agree on one @destination before they land. @after compromise, the entire @flight got a free trip to costa @rica. @ incredible cat tail. @this is nadya. @she disappeared from her home @in wisconsin on christmas eve. @she ended up in florida. @they found the microchip and @got in touch with her owners. @nobody can figure out how she
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@you better believe we know why. @she was escaping the cold @weather. @ thanks for starting your @day with us. @i'm jackie fernandez. @>> i'm terrence lee. @here is what is coming up on @"good morning, cleveland," @budget cuts. @rta looking to trim routes. @how to make sure your route
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@take a look, dark out there. @damp roads. @not much snow is falling on i- @71 south near medina but take a @look at the radar so i can show @you what it looks like out not @too far from medina. @we are seeing snow. @if you are on 71 south you will @run into some of the snow. @we are looking at the darker @purples, those are shading the @heavier snow. @we will see temperatures in the @30s. @waiting for them to drop a @little more then we will see a @turn to snow. @as we head throughout the day, @i want you to know it will feel @much cooler. @take a look at this. @this is the feel like @temperatures. @if you look to the west you can @see -- take a look at the @difference. @lighter to ashtabula. @cooler, feeling like the teens @to mansfield. @the system is moving slow but @coming in.
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@>> we are dealing with the @slick highways, wet more spots @than others. @you see where the snow is, @keeping a close eye on 90 and @71. @the turnpike as well. @not seeing huge issues. @76 and 77, you are okay. @let's head outside for the @quick peek at the odot camera. @this is warrensville center @road, just slick. @ proposed rta service cuts. @thousands of riders are @concerned that they won't get @to work if the bus route is @eliminated. @rta is looking to trim or get @rid of two dozen routes. @we went looking for answers. @ceo told us there will be @hearings in march and april to @get riders' opinions then a @final decision made in late @april. @ cleveland metro parks are @starting a new water taxi
4:57 am says it won't be @for bar hoppers. @it will shut down at 9:00 on @friday and saturday nights. @it's meant to help you get @between the east and west banks @of the river. @ we are staying on top of @two big stories. @a violent crash injuring two @police officers overnight. @the search for the other @driver. @>> prepare for a messy commute @outside.
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@ @ now at 5:00 a hit-and-run @accident involving a police @cruiser. @two officers rushed to the @hospital. @i'm live in akron with the @latest on their condition and @the search for the driver who @hit them and took off.
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@we have live team coverage. @>> john rudder and janessa web @driving the roads. @somara theodore is tracking it. @who will get hit the hardest. @ let's get straight to the @map so you can see it. @we are looking at the bands of @snow. @later between 6:00 and 9:00 @things will pick up. @we are seeing in the purples @where the heavier so is @falling, okay. @so, we are also waiting for a @lot of the temperatures to @continue to drop. @i just checked with cleveland @burke lakefront airport, '35 @there. @it is warm. @temperatures will drop through @the morning, all of the rain @will turn to snow. @let's talk about temperatures. @where are they at? @32 cleveland proper. @you go farther northwest, @that's where the snow will @begin. @temperatures satisfy that need @before it can turn to snow.


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